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Five Types of Orthodox Arts

Over many centuries, art and the Orthodox faith have intertwined and flowed into each other. What types of crafts are within Orthodox arts?

The orthodox church is where people arrived at pray, confess their sins, pay attention to priests' sermons, light candles, write notes, kiss icons, read prayers.

However, the church is not just about lighting candles and speaking prayers. It's in this place that you could enjoy real art as well.

"Religion and art are closely linked to each other."

There are five general types of arts in Orthodox religion:

  1. Temple architecture - external and internal decoration.
  2. Frescoes are wall paintings.
  3. Fine arts - icon painting.
  4. Musical arts - prayers singing.
  5. Jewelry art is a decorative setting on icons made of precious materials, church utensils, icons, kiota, foldings, candlesticks, church crosses, cross pendants, and rings with Jesus's crucifix.

Orthodox jewelry carries on strictly spiritual purposes.

Nowadays, jewelry artisans create beautiful pieces of orthodox art items. These are cross pendants, rings, bells, icons framed with precious metals, church utensils, and much more.

Orthodox jewelry crafts are always made yourself, endowed with the invaluable energy of the creator. They bear the imprint of the spiritual content and the craftsman's imagination.

Orthodox crosses

The cross is the key shrine for Orthodox Christians. It absolutely was on it that the Lord accepted death in the name of humanity. prayer icon For this reason, a pious tradition arose to offer prayers to him. For this, accordingly, Orthodox believers place crucifixes in churches and houses. Modern artisans make orthodox crosses of fantastic beauty!

Cross Pendants of Jesus's Crucifix

The pectoral cross is just a shrine worn by all Orthodox Christians. A cross pendant for an Orthodox Christian is not only a stylish decoration. These are shrines priceless to one's heart of a believer. A pectoral cross pendant is normally worn mounted on a suitable chain, string, or lace.

It is advised that the chain and the pendant you will wear are constructed with the same metal. However, white gold and silver can be effectively combined. For instance, chains made of silver look nice with gold crosses which have a white gold insert.

Modern manufacturing provides many products made of basic or precious materials decorated with precious stones.

Orthodox Books

Make sure you remember the most important book of most times and people - the Bible. Such a book is an impressive artwork in just about any home library of an Orthodox person. There's a variety of handmade books offered for purchase in a Russian Orthodox monastery. Some of them feature hardcover coated in natural black leather with metal corners.

Russian Orthodox Icons

Unlike a regular painting, an Icon is just a thing of beauty of a particular kind. The Orthodox Church Fathers argue that the iconic image goes back to the prototype and is not the artist's perception of the gospel faces, events but captures the divine, supernatural image.

The icon is what ought to be in the home of each Orthodox Christian. Looking at a saint with prayer, people strengthen their faith, restore mental balance, and protect themselves from temptations and temptations.

Where you should Buy Orthodox Art?

Many people believe it is safer to get orthodox art items only in the temple. However, many specialized online retailers sell handcrafted items with safe and convenient payment options and worldwide delivery.

Please look at the Andcross Orthodox Art web store where you can buy most of the described above truly unique handmade orthodox icons, books, candles, bells, a comprehensive collection of jewelry, and various orthodox art souvenirs.


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